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7 Ways to be Mindful of When Turning 40

Updated: May 16, 2022

Once you reach your 40s, chasing youth will be like being stuck in the past, and it can lead to feelings of depression. To avoid these negative feelings, be fully in the present moment and present in the now.

Forty years gives us plenty of time to reflect on our health, relationships, work, and diet. And it's never too late to be mindful of things that can significantly impact our future.

Here are some helpful ways to choose how to live your whole life's mission when you reach 40.

1. Be preventive about your health

Turning 40 means taking proactive steps toward maintaining your health. Visit your doctor for an annual checkup. For men, make sure to have a yearly testicular exam with a doctor and monthly on your own; for women, get your Pap smear, lab work, mammogram, and immunizations.

2. Maintain a positive mindset

Make a habit of gratitude, become more intentional in your everyday life, and meet your long-term ambitions—It's good for the heart and soul. Keep good company, and have a monthly date night. Laugh and smile. Compliment people. These can help freshen us as a whole.

3. Get enough Rest

We need to get at least seven hours of sleep at night. Avoid electronics two hours before you go to bed; these can help you sleep.

4. Exercise

Stop sitting and do walking or stretching exercises. Take micro-breaks. Do weight training to improve muscle strength.

5. Eat a healthy diet

Cook healthy food at home. Look for fresh fruits and vegetables. Find substitutes, or snacks high in sugar and fat, such as dried fruit and granola bars, if you plan to eat out; go somewhere that offers healthy food choices on the menu, and request low-salt and low-fat alternatives.

6. Take a lot of water or juices

Our body is composed of three-fourths fluid. The more hydrated we are, the better we feel, and our skin looks better. Have some flavors if you don't like water.

7. Take some time to reflect

Take the time to reflect and ponder. It also can give guidance and peace for the best path to take. This exercise will help you understand your current state of mind.

Leading a mindful life isn't about anti-aging measures but shifting to a healthier state of mind by being grateful for knowing how to age well. Aging well is not hiding the wrinkles on your face. But instead, it is by focusing on aging with health, vitality, and grace.


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