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Health Benefits of Yoga

Updated: Apr 3

Yoga is a mindful motion exercise that originates from India. It includes meditation, a mixture of positions, breathing exercises, and strengthening. The activity focuses on reconnecting the participant with their mind and body and is regarded as a form of mental, physical, and spiritual development.

Often people think of Yoga as religious or only for those that don't eat meat or those that can't do more rigorous exercise. The truth is that it can be none of those things or all of those things.

Yoga is an individual experience of someone with very personal goals. However, no matter how old or new the approach is, the fantastic health benefits of Yoga, especially for women, should not be ignored.

Health Benefits of Yoga:

1. Breathing Benefits

Yoga usually involves attentiveness to your breath, which can help you feel at ease. It may also call for a specific breathing approach. But yoga typically isn't aerobic, like cycling or running, unless it's an intense type of Yoga.

2. Good for Your Heart

Yoga is known to further down blood pressure and slow heart rate. A slower heart rate can help people with heart disease or high blood pressure and those with a stroke.

Yoga is linked to lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels and better immune system function.

3. Muscle Strength

Muscle strength and tone will increase with Yoga. Yoga is not just sitting and breathing. There are a lot of movements that require tremendous power. The fantastic thing about Yoga is that there are different levels, and you can build up to more complex movements.

4. Improved Flexibility

Yoga is excellent for increasing flexibility over time. It may not happen overnight, but nothing does. Being more flexible can help prevent injuries and strains and make life more enjoyable.

5. Improved Posture

There are a lot of lengthening exercises in Yoga. Our overall posture will improve as we increase our flexibility and strength and learn new positions. Many of us consume a lot of time hunched over a computer or a phone, and Yoga helps to battle the damage that this can do.

A straight spine can alleviate strain and balance the whole body.

6. Weight Loss

Yoga is a great low-impact program for those looking to lose weight.

7. Healthy Bones

As with most strengthening programs, Yoga can help improve bone strength. For women, this is especially important as we age.

8. Lowers Stress Levels

Through deep breathing exercises and practicing mindfulness, Yoga helps us manage stress levels.

9. Pain Management

Regular yoga practice is very beneficial to those suffering from lower back pain and neck pain.

10. Regulate Adrenals

Yoga can help lower cortisol levels, helping to regulate the functioning of your adrenal glands.

11. Menopause

Yoga for Menopause! Who would have thought? Yoga has alleviated some symptoms of menopause, such as hot flashes!

Nonetheless, Yoga is part of physical activity policies worldwide owing to its multimodal benefits (improving muscle strength, balance, and flexibility) that produce measurable and perceived improvements in physical and mental wellbeing.


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