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About Us

Another Rose is building an organization focused on providing world class services and  “feeling great” “Ready for anything” Experiences and opportunities

As an advocate for self-reliance, I am here for you! Another Rose provides pathways to life enhancements and support for mind, spirt, and body. 

Let’s work together in creating pathways toward getting the best of what life offers through personal enrichment and achievement. 

Our Experience

Since 2013, Another Rose has worked professionally and personally to mentor those aspiring to overcome mediocrity; support the courageous work persons, business, academics, and others.  Another Rose’s travels and experiences provides insights for personal growth and well-being.  Another Rose highlights the importance of leadership roles and through transformational leadership and believes that to be effective we must consciously address our social and cultural influences that impact our ability to achieve prosperity and fulfillment. 

We’re here for you.
So you can be there for them.

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A helping LLC preparing you for a fabulous life after 40! Advocacy for self-reliance, referral services and Transformational Leadership life enhancements through regional, national, and world-wide networking, growth, inspiration, and personal service

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