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Challenges Women Face After 40

Updated: Apr 3

Midlife, the period of existence between younger and older adulthood, has been described as a period of transition in women's lives. As a woman, your health risks change as time goes by. At forty, what was a perturbation at twenty may not undoubtedly be a concern.

Age plays a significant role in which health issues you face. So, we've gathered a list of the health challenges women face after 40. If you’re in this age group, keep this in mind as you continue to read about these common challenges.

1. Menopause

This one is pretty common. At some point over 40, all women undergo menopause, and we also experience perimenopause (pre-menopause). Perimenopause can influence your body in many ways, and it is essential to know what you can do to help with symptoms. Also, heart disease, diabetes, and osteoporosis can develop in concurrence with menopause, so take care of your body and talk to your doctor frequently to ensure that you do not have any serious medical concerns.

2. Unplanned Pregnancy

Yes, ladies, even now, you can still get pregnant over 40! Many women assume that once 40 hits, birth control is not necessary anymore. Not true! Every woman's body is unalike, and there is no age set when a woman can't get pregnant. So though pregnancy over 40 is viable, it's not always preferable.

Women over 40 need to be conscious of the possibilities for themselves and their developing children, Labor problems, aggravation of pre-existing conditions (high blood pressure, heart problems, and diabetes), or even pre-eclampsia. In addition, the danger of the child having genetic abnormalities is significantly escalating.

So if you're not hoping to make any additions to your family, be mindful and intentional about the birth control methods. Talk with your primary care doctor or gynecologist about other possibilities that suit you well.

3. Bone Density Changes

When you grow older, your body begins to change and degenerate; this is, for the most part, true for your bones in the course of this age. That's why you spend time acquiring enough Vitamin D, taking extra supplements to help fill in what has disappeared, and exercise is essential for keeping your bones happy and healthy. In addition, doing so will lead to fewer health issues down the road. For example, osteoporosis is, by and large, a woman's matter; of all its manifestations in the United States, 80 percent are in women. Bone loss is a part of becoming older for women, and once succeeding, menopause can be at its pinnacle (up to 20% bone loss in less than ten years). ( Women's Health) The cue is to take good care of yourself going into menopause, have your vitamin D, eat right and exercise, and if you have risk factors, get your bone density tested.

4. Increased Risk for Cancers

As women age, their risk for many severe diseases increases. Many factors such as environment, diet, and overall health can develop cancer diseases, but age is also a factor. With all of these issues, avoidance and early detection are vital. That's why it's essential to stay on top of regular screenings and ask your primary care doctor if you should consider any new health screenings due to your age. However, your risk grows by leaps and bounds in only ten years.

5. Risk of Diabetes

In recent years, the risk of progressing diabetes has increased enormously in all age groups. However, women at 40 or older have a surge risk. Diet and weight also play a vital role in getting active! Regular exercise and a healthy diet can help reverse the result of pre-diabetes.

To put it simply, a woman going into her forties may help herself get ready for the nearing physical and emotional changes by making healthier lifestyle choices, making the transition years easier to accept.

It's a key to note that this list is just a starting point in making sure you're as healthy as possible in this stage of life. Develop a close relationship with your general practitioner and gynecologist to secure that you've set up the right wellness plan for you.


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