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5 Rules to Follow to Design a Life You Love after 40

Updated: May 16, 2022

Life begins at 40 because it is the time when most people usually achieve what they want, at which life is at its peak.

We have much to look forward to, even if it's not what we're always taught. Midlife is a time of opportunity and growth, where we learn to lay down healthy habits and become a solid self-advocate for our health and needs.

Follow the five simple rules below and realize that designing a life you love are reasons why life begins at 40.

1. Small Healthy Habits Build a Strong Foundation

It's not too late! So get ready to commit to a well-designed, intentional life, and start small! Small changes can yield significant, positive results. And making meaningful changes, no matter how small they are, is the easiest one to maintain as a lifelong habit.

2. Become Your Best Health Advocate

You are your own best health advocate, regardless of your experience.

You can't go against the natural cycle and keep your body from going through the changes, but you can become informed about the process. The truth is, we make better decisions when we are better educated.

Combine what you have learned through life experiences by following your gut feelings, and don't let any negative emotions stop you from devising a plan of action that resonates with you. You're worth it!

3. Test, Don't Guess!

Stop reading articles online and diagnosing yourself. Instead, get yourself to a doctor you trust and find out what's happening in your body. And use those results to make a plan rather than feel discouraged about this and recognize that it's normal and there's probably someone who can help you!

4. Use Lower Estrogen to Your Advantage

Estrogen is a nurturing hormone that fuels a woman's desire to tend to and befriend. And everyone will come to a point after 40 when our estrogen declines.

And it is a good thing because it comes during the phase of our life when our children are leaving home, which makes us physiologically programmed to care less about the needs of others.

Midlife has a lot of opportunities that present themselves. And it's the best time to explore your full potential.

5. Accept that things change.

The more you try to fight the natural cycle of life, the more frustrated you will be. However, when you learn to embrace the reality that the only constant in life is changes, things will be easier.

Get ready to embrace the idea that life begins at 40 and our body constantly changes. Remember my mantra when things don't go your way: "Imperfection is still action." Forgive yourself and give YOU plenty of time. Work with the right people who will support you and help you achieve your goals. You don't need to be awesome alone! ;)


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